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Breakdown Purchases [2016]


Think 'Money Ball'. Krossover is a tool that allows coaches to upload game film and coach submit that game for 'breakdown'. They then receive the film back cut into clips with stats and analytics provided. Currently, if a coach runs out of breakdowns, they have to call or email sales, the sales team responds, and if the coach is still interested in ordering additional breakdowns, Krossover has to manually process the payment and add the breakdowns to their account. Too many steps!


Allow coaches to order additional breakdowns straight within the product itself.


1. Research​

  • Mark the touch points within the product that are relevant for coaches to purchase breakdowns

  • Discover successful patterns for purchase flows on various mobile and web products

  • Interview internal stakeholders to identify pricing options and important tracking information

2. User flows

After determining the relevant parts of the product where coaches may want to purchase breakdowns (Film Home, Game Info, Account), I created user flows to show how coaches would arrive at the 'Order Breakdown' process.

3. Sketching

With the goal of making the purchasing flow consistent and familiar to users, I started to think through an experience that could be the same regardless of the starting point of the user. I sketched some rough ideas to give me a better sense of how this could work.

4. Wireframes and Iterations

With a better idea of the flow and approach from a high level, I quickly iterated on the format of the 'Order Breakdowns' modal

5. Final Mobile and Web layouts

I settled on keeping the modal flow down to two steps: one to select the breakdown package and the second to fill in their billing information. Shown on mobile is the path to the order breakdowns modal from the account page. Check out the video to see the full flow!


This project was a major step towards self-sign up for our product. In the future, we would like design for users to go to the marketing page, sign up, and use the free product. That way they could order a breakdown plan or package through the site customized to pricing tiers, turnaround time and dates, etc with promo codes and other marketing tactics to help drive conversion. For now, it helped lead to an additional $18,000 in revenue as of June 2017.

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