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Film Editor [2017]


Part of the 'Film Room' package was a film editor, which coaches use to clip up their own games. Coaches like having this ability, but the current process can be tedious. Through tracking metrics from the MVP and speaking to coaches, we learned that coaches add tags to every clip they create and it appears to be too many steps.


Improve the design and interaction of the film editor to make it easy for coaches to create and tag clips, while still keeping it simple enough for those users that only want to add one or two tags.


1. Research​

  • User interviews and observations helped us get a better sense of what users expected from a film editor and what pain points they were having with ours.

  • Competitive analysis of other products helped us understand how they allowed users to tag clips more easily.

  • Takeaway:  

    • Different coaches will use film editor for a variety of film types: scouting, their own games, and/or practices.

    • The goal of coaches is to take out certain parts of a film, cut them into effective clips, label those clips and then show them to the entire team or specific athletes

    • Effective clips - key moments of a film that a coach wants to emphasize and easily find later on

  • Two major pain points emerged: the tediousness of tagging the clip they create and the inability of coaches to add clips from the film editor to reels (playlists)

2. Ideation

I began to think about how the tagging process could be adjusted to meet coaches needs and how tags could be displayed once a clip is created. One of my main ideas was to use the playlist area for tagging as a coach was creating the clip and using keyboard shortcuts to make tagging more seamless.

3. First wireframes and testing

I used a program called Axure to create two flows for testing. The main reason is that I was able to program in keyboard shortcuts to test how intuitive they were for coaches. My other goals included learning:

  • When coaches think about tagging a clip​ (when it's running vs. after it's ended)

  • What coaches would like to see as default tags (generic vs. sport-specific)​

  • How understandable using the playlist area for a tagging area is

  • How easy it is for coaches to understand what is optional vs required

We got great feedback from our first round of testing and we had some improvements to make, including:


  • Coaches didn’t always notice that tagging was optional

  • Some coaches had a hesitancy to use the terms ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ when creating clips for their athletes

    • Good and bad could also be inferred by other tags/events in the play

  • Coaches noticed that timestamp for a created clip was missing and it is important for them to know the timing of the clip

  • Editing flow was confusing - coaches went to select the clip or the new add tag option​

  • Coaches really liked being able to star clips as important, but had trouble discovering where it was because they would do this at the end of their flow

  • Most coaches seemed to prefer to have a more extensive, sport-specific default tag set available.​

  • Having an easy path to their custom tags (or those that are most used) seemed important

  • Coaches want to tag players more than we realized

4. Next Iteration

The above feedback led to a next iteration with improvements

UX improvements that led to this flow:

  • Simplified tag set: ​15 relevant tags per sport to display with keyboard shortcuts

  • Combined tags instead of user categories (possession, situation, events) as this made coaches feel each step was required and not all coaches wanted to tag those things

  • Include shortcut to add players from a team's roster

  • Included 'Clip Title' - customizable title for a clip so a coach could recognize it without the tags

  • Placed important star at the bottom and labeled it​

  • Included timestamp once a clip was created

  • Simplified created state: took away checkbox and included on link to 'Edit Clip'

5. Final User Flows and Design

After more tests, improvements and visual design work we had a feature that we believe meets our users' needs, is easy to use and is fun to use.

Final User Flow (creating a new clip)

Changes in the final design:

  • Included 'Tags Applied' area so user could keep track of which tags they are adding​

  • Used same component for player tags and custom tags

  • Took out 'Title' - we got the sense that it was not important to coaches​

  • Included icon for player tags to help differentiate them​

  • Adjusted placement of star, edit and delete actions on the playlist​

  • Included ability to edit the start and end times of a clip

6. Next Steps

  • Continue to monitor how many tags per clip, on average

    • And types of tags: default vs player vs custom

  • How much time does it take a user to tag a clip?

  • How many clips are added to reels?

  • How often are clips edited? What is edited?

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