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Insights [2016]


Data is integral to how coaches learn about their team and prepare for opponents. The problem? There's too much of it! Our product delivers many tables and numbers and no easy way to visualize it. This is especially the case when coaches want to share specific points with their athletes.


Design an interface for coaches to view and filter their team's data in a digestible way.


From previous research, we knew that coaches wanted to see their team's data across a season and filter it by certain categories. We also knew that athletes are more perceptive to visual cues. With a team of developers and stats specialists, we designed a layout allowing coaches to more easily navigate their data and discover trends that can help their team improve.

Solution: Insights

After discovering what data was most important to coaches, we used different chart layouts to display them in intuitive ways. For example, the hex bin is a quick way for coaches to see where on the court their team could improve.

The other charts, such as 'Game' are interactive. Users can click one or more games to easily filter the data. For example, coaches can see how a certain player did in the last two games with just two clicks.

Check out how it works here!

Other UX improvements that led to this view:

  • Misses on the shot chart were changed from red to grey (to avoid issues with colorblindedness and with the hex bin chart)

  • Filter sidebar was added to the left hand side so coaches could keep track of what they filtered

  • 'Create reel' was added so that coaches could view the video for plays they filtered

  • Info icons and legends were added to charts when necessary

  • Chart titles were improved to match coach understanding

  • Important, high-level stats were included in the top bar so coaches could easily see them and track how they changed when filters were applied


Keeping other sports in mind while we developed basketball insights allowed us to develop a solution that scaled to both Lacrosse and Soccer:

Next Steps

The project was really fun to be involved with. It was the first large-scale use of data visualizations within our product and made a huge difference in  how coaches approached stats. Our next steps are to use this functionality for scouting opponents so that users can see from where on the court they get scored on and can improve.

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