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RSVP Visualizations [2021]


Tracking RSVPs is a major part of planning a wedding. Depending on the situation, it can be stressful or fun. When RSVPs first come in, it's exciting to see who is going to come! Stragglers, however, can lead to stress since couples often need final guest counts to confirm their reception venues, caterers and transportation services. 

The Knot app allows couples to view their guest list and RSVPs, but it doesn't easily allow couples to remind guests who haven't RSVP'd, communicate the relevant guest counts to vendors, or see how guests responded to non-attendance questions (ex. meal preferences).


Allow couples to track all of the responses to questions they ask of guests who RSVP and take action based on those responses.


1. Research​

  • Revisit the Job Map that we created for communicating wedding details to guests

  • Review the different jobs that are relevant to couples when tracking their RSVPs

  • Analyze our current product and identify areas for improvement

2. Evaluate current product

  • Confusing information architecture: Event and RSVP Management on the same screen; an extra click to access event summaries

  • Unable to view responses to all questions a couple may ask their guests (meal preferences, song requests, etc)

  • No action to remind guests who have not responded, which is a core need of this user

3. Explore Solutions

In terms of visualizing responses, I explored a number of solutions. Keeping the user needs in mind, I needed to account for questions that were short answer or multiple choice. I also wanted to make it so that users could see overviews for each question they ask on this one screen. 

4. Final Solution and Flow

The final design addressed the core user needs and the IA issues with the current product. The guests area now has a separate events tab for event management and an RSVPs tab dedicated to launching your RSVP form and tracking responses. 

I landed on using a visualization that was accessible, intuitive to understand, and took up less vertical space on the page. I also designed a secondary page for users to dig into which guests responded in which way.

Finally, I addressed user needs of reminding guests and reaching out to vendors by connecting this to our in-app messaging tool and allowing users to download all of the results.



Since launching this updated RSVP design, we saw a 37% increase WoW in RSVP page views and found that RSVP drove 20% of users to start sending a guest message.

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